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Triborough / Robert F. Kennedy Bridge

Triborough / Robert F. Kennedy Bridge

Posted on 12 Nov 2013 ©2013 Debashis Paul Photography
I was in crave for taking the Bridge photos with colorful nights for long time. So what can be the better place than New York city ? The awesome view of skyscrapers with the East River, Hudson River in every backdrop can result some jawbreaking nice images .

So I started my journey @ 10 PM after spending some time across Brooklyn Bridge ~8PM .Took Uptown subway from 42nd street/Time Square. Destination Astoria Park as the best view seen from this place.
@10:30 I reached to Astoria Blvd Dittmar. It was 31st street. I was without Mobile data connection. Took some screenshots from google image to locate the place. Took long walk till 19th street as I assume this is where the Park entrance begins and finally when I reached there I was really pleased to see such a colorful nice bridge . The reflection in the river brings a different charm altogether .

Took couple of other shots from different angles too.
Hopefully you have enjoyed the photo and I love to hear any comments and criticism ...:)
xxx -- Used : Nikon D300s , Nikon AF-S 10-24 wide angle lense , Benro Tripod and Cable release

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