Landscape - © Debashis Paul Photography
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HorseShoe Bend with River Colorado

Posted on 12 Nov 2013 ©2013 Debashis Paul Photography
Horse Shoe Bend is Mother Nature's little tricks in a whole world of sandstone and slick rock tricks that result in some of the weirdest, and neatest, formations in the west. This is Glen Canyon and the Colorado River downstream from Glen canyon Dam, which holds back Lake Powell.It is within Glen Canyon National Recreation Area.

Drove about 4 miles south of Page on US Highway 89 to a short blacktop road that goes off to the west.
It's 2 tenths of a mile south of mile marker 545. If you're a GPS nut, then turn-off is: N 36-52-38.2, W 111-30-03.9.
The view point is: N 36-52-34.1, W 111-30-38.25.

It was horrible Sand strom started suddenly when we reached there on 30 Aug 2012 around mid of the day .It was partly cloudy.The shot was quite risky as the wind was too strong can easily throw you away 1000 feet deep . Fortunately I had my wide angle setup already and I need not to change the lense.

Overall I am glad to see such wonderful natural creature and the overall experience was too good. Love to be there again but at the tail that time :-)

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