Landscape - © Debashis Paul Photography
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Gorges de l' Areuse

Posted on 12 Nov 2013 ©2013 Debashis Paul Photography
Gorges de l' Areuse(Areuse Gorges) is spectacular hiking trail between Noiraigue and Champ du Moulin Neuchâtel, Switzerland.The Areuse Gorges takes its source in St-Sulpice and quietly follows its course in the Val de Travers to Champ-du-Moulin. From there the gorge rushes across spectacular rocks/steps/bridges and finally thrown in Lake Neuchâtel.Down the throats of Areuse to Champ-du-Moulin is medium difficulty hike called Boudry walk( 7.5 km - duration 2 hours ).

Now the story is little bit more.I had met to one of my fellow college friend(Avishek Mukherjee) in Neuchâtel, Switzerland to plan for this hike. I never get to know about this place until he invites me. He is excellent photographer too and you can check his work online It was a dull and overcast weather with temperature down to 2-6C and it was rain last night. It was almost end of autumn with few trees and leafs turned still remain colorful and rain added extra glaze on it.The hiking path was no so convenient and fortunately I was wearing hiking snow boots while carefully moving across the path. Interestingly my fellow friend stop by this place.

We stand there with Tripod mounted, framed it and shot this. I owe him for framing credits :) Overall we had very nice experience on this hike.You can see more images taken in this place in my Landscape gallery.

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